Whats the meaning of the color of a rose?

Whats the meaning of the color of a rose?

Hi, todays topic revolves around the differant colors of a rose and the meaninig behind its color...today we will eplore the Red Rose :-)

Words or pictures have never fully encompassed the sheer beauty and grandeur of the red rose. The red rose is 

undeniably the most beautiful among all the roses, full blooded and rich. The incredibly beautiful Cleopatra 

used the red rose to carpet her bedroom when she received Antony. All roses convey warmth, affection and love 

in varying degrees. But the red rose, being the queen of roses, is the most popular and beloved of all. 

The most obvious and well known meaning of the red rose is deep love and affection. In the 18th century, a 

special rose language evolved as a means of communication between lovers who were forced by society to keep 

their feelings a secret. And the red rose came to symbolize true love that would stand the test of time. 

Staunchly promising affection that is forever riding high is what the red rose means. The red rose denotes a 

true love that is stronger than thorns and can outlive all obstacles. 

Desire is another facet of the red rose. The red rose expresses the throbbing heat of new love, a passionate 

expression of attraction. Red is the color of consummation, of raging desires and craving passion. The meaning 

of the red rose then is quite apparent from its color itself. Red rose speaks of love that awaits a passionate 


Red roses are the most popular valentine roses, which is why their prices shoot up during February. The red 

rose, especially, a single red rose simply expresses, "I love you very deeply". Bright red roses are 

interpreted as the ultimate expression of romantic and abiding love. Their bright red shade expresses these 

emotions perfectly.

In addition to beauty and passion, red roses also symbolize courage. The red rose is also a symbol of power, as 

represented in the War of the Roses. Red roses seek to congratulate a job well done, and to express respect and 

appreciation. The red rose celebrates the creative spirit of love.

A red rosebud also has its own meaning. Youthful love, innocent and fresh is what the bud stands for. The 

attractive and unopened rosebud celebrates unpretentious and honest beauty. Purity and loveliness are what the 

red rosebud stands for. 

Red roses also have a different kind of meaning within marriage. Red roses express domestic bliss that is at 

once passionate as well as abiding. A love that is growing in strength, away from monotony and still fresh is 

what the red rose portrays. 

Just as there are many shades of love, so also the red rose has many shades. And the meaning of each shade 

varies. Poets have immortalized red roses as the flower of romantic, passionate love. But innocence, courage, 

heroism are some of the various meanings of the red rose. 

Our red feather roses are so gorgeous and unique that they are ideal for almost any special occasion. For 

example, red feather rose buds bring your loved ones surprise along with warmth; half blooming red feather 

roses are perfect gifts for mom; half blooming and blooming red feather roses are great for 

weddings/anniversaries, birthday/baby gifts, hospital visits and a lot of more. They can also be given to your 

coworkers as signs of appreciation or "Job Well Done". 

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